June 24th

5:00pm | Registration/Check In Begins
5:30pm-6:30pm | Youth Pastor Dinner
7:00pm | Main Session 1


June 25th

12:00pm | Lobby Doors Open
1:30pm | Main Session 2
3:00pm | Youth Pastor Session 1
3:00pm | Student Session
5:00pm | Dinner Break
5:30pm | Youth Pastor’s Dinner
6:00pm | Lobby Doors Open
7:00pm | Main Session 3


June 26th

11:00am | Lobby Doors Open
1:30pm | Main Session 4
3:00pm | Youth Pastor Session 2
3:00pm | Main Session 5
5:00pm | Dinner Break
6:00pm | Lobby Doors Open
7:00pm | Main Session 6

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